If only dogs could talk

My lab, Remmy

I had a great pheasant hunt with some good friends. Luckily for me there is significant overlap between my circles of friends, colleagues, and clients. We hunted with a pair of shorthair pointers that were exceptionally well trained and a joy to watch. One issue with hunting behind pointers is that you can loose sight of them in the grass which is a problem if they go on point. If only the dog could let me know where she and the birds are.

An interesting and elegant solution is the SportDog DSL-400 Deluxe Beeper collar. The collar emits a periodic beep while the dog is moving and changes to a shriek that sounds like a hawk when the dog stops. This lets you keep tabs on the dog and know when it has gone on point even if out of sight. I really enjoyed hunting with the two dogs wearing these.

Of course, being a tech geek I needed to see who invented this collar. Take a look here for one of the patents.