Amazing Customer Service From Apple

This doesn’t necessarily fit with the theme of this blog, but when a company treats me this well, I feel compelled to talk about it.

I purchased a used 2008 MacBook Air a year and a half ago. The machine had Apple Care, Apple’s transferable extended warranty. My wife was using it and unfortunately the hard disk had to be replaced.  Apple handled the repair quickly.  However, it happened again, this time after the expiration of the Apple Care plan.  Apple again repaired the machine quickly, but we were nervous about this becoming a recurring issue.

The third time the machine started to act up, my wife took it into the local Apple Store. The manager looked at the service history and surmised that the problem would likely keep repeating itself. He gave us a choice: either repair

The new MacBook Air in the home office

the machine for a third time in a year, or he would replace it with another 13 inch MacBook Air.  Of course, a new (mid 2011) MacBook Air is a bit of an upgrade.  Okay, it’s a huge upgrade. I no longer even have a hard disk since this machine has an SSD.  I am also now running Lion instead of Snow Leopard.

Granted, Apple may be saving itself more headaches with continued repairs, but this went beyond what I would have expected.  My next purchase will be an Apple Care plan for this notebook.

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