If only dogs could talk

My lab, Remmy

I had a great pheasant hunt with some good friends. Luckily for me there is significant overlap between my circles of friends, colleagues, and clients. We hunted with a pair of shorthair pointers that were exceptionally well trained and a joy to watch. One issue with hunting behind pointers is that you can loose sight of them in the grass which is a problem if they go on point. If only the dog could let me know where she and the birds are.

An interesting and elegant solution is the SportDog DSL-400 Deluxe Beeper collar. The collar emits a periodic beep while the dog is moving and changes to a shriek that sounds like a hawk when the dog stops. This lets you keep tabs on the dog and know when it has gone on point even if out of sight. I really enjoyed hunting with the two dogs wearing these.

Of course, being a tech geek I needed to see who invented this collar. Take a look here for one of the patents.

What this blog will be about

I am a patent attorney and I love technology. I have no idea who, if anyone, will read this, so it may as well be something I will enjoy writing. With that in mind, this blog will not simply restate news stories and recent cases. Yes, there will be some of that, but when I write about an update in patent law, it will be because of something I personally find interesting about it. I also want to focus on the things that I enjoy doing outside of work as well and how intellectual property issues relate to those activities.

So, here is a little about me. I thoroughly enjoy cooking. I like a good glass of wine or a well crafted beer. I am a geek. I am a Mac user. I am a dog lover and enjoy outdoor activities, especially hunting, fishing, camping, and target shooting. I am a very proud father and husband, but to spare my family some embarrassment, I’ll probably keep this blog to my work as an intellectual property attorney, my hobbies, and how those two areas blend together. After all, if you’re paid to do work that relates to what you would pay to do, it’s easy to enjoy.

In short, this blog will discuss the things I find interesting and how they interrelate. I hope others enjoy it as well.